Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes
Investigation : Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes
Specimen type : Serum
Spec container : Serum or serum gel 
Volume required : 5 ml

Anticoagulants containing oxalate, citrate or EDTA cannot be used as these inhibit alkaline phosphatase activity. Ideally the patient should be fasted since patients who are blood groups O or B and are secretors may have an elevated intestinal ALP for up to two hours after a fatty meal.

Additional information on alkaline phosphatase isoenzymesand its clinical use can be found here: alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes.

This analysis is not performed by this laboratory. For local users of these laboratory services, please send your sample to the laboratory and it will be sent to a reference laboratory for analysis.
Assays for Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes are sent here.


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