Acute Leukaemia fusion transcript screening
Investigation : Acute Leukaemia fusion transcript screening
Specimen type : Bone marrow or blood
Spec container : 4ml EDTA (LAVENDER) 
Volume required : 2ml of bone marrow or 10 ml of blood
Turnaround : 21 days

Samples should arrive within the laboratory within 72 hours of collection. If sample cannot be sent immediately after bleeding, keep in 4 degree fridge and send as soon as possible.

Clinically the recurrent chromosomal aberrations serve as markers for diagnosis and patient management. It has become evident that particular recurrent cytogenetic abnormalities are frequently present in distinct subsets of AML. This presents as a valuable tool for differential diagnosis and identification of clinical subsets with distinct clinical behaviour. Multiplex RT-PCR based chromosomal translocation fusion transcript screening is fast and sensitive, particularly for cases with cryptic translocation and cases that have unsuccessful karyotype analysis.

HemaVision (a quanlitative multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test) is used to to detect 28 different translocations or chromosomal rearrangements, including more than 80 breakpoints or mRNA splice variants, that have been found to be specific markers for particular subtypes of leukaemia.

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