Blood Gases
Investigation : Blood Gases
Spec container : Special tube - contact lab 
Volume required : minimum 2ml
Turnaround : <15 mins
Additional Information
Specimen should be sent on ice immediately to lab.

Staff authorised and trained to use the ward based gas analysers within the hospital, click here for the standard operating procedure.

Reference ranges :

Reference RangeUnits
pH7.35 - 7.45
H+ion36 - 42nmol/l
pCO2M: 4.7-6.4 and F: 4.3-6.0kPa
pO211.04 - 14.36kPa
Standard Bicarbonate22 - 29mmol/l
Base ExcessM: -3.2 to +1.8 and F: -2.3 to +2.7

Arterial blood specimen in heparinised syringe. Transport to lab immediately on ice. Do NOT use pneumatic tube.

Additional information on blood gases and its clinical use can be found here: blood gases.


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