Investigation : Cholesterol
Specimen type : Serum
Spec container : Serum Gel 
Volume required : 5 ml
Turnaround : <24 hours

Acetaminophen intoxications are frequently treated with N-Acetylcysteine. N-Acetylcysteine at therapeutic concentration when used as an antidote and the Acetaminophen metabolite N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine (NAPQI) independently may cause falsely low results.

Venipuncture should be performed prior to the administration of Metamizole. Venipuncture immediately after or during the administration of Metamizole may lead to falsely low results.


Reference range: < 5.0 mmol/L (Heart UK target)

Adults (≥ 16 years old) with total cholesterol >7.5 mmol/L and children (< 16 years old) with total cholesterol >6.7 mmol/L: if there is a family history of vascular disease or high cholesterol, please consider the diagnosis of possible FH and refer to specialist Lipid Clinic for investigation and management. See NICE CG71 and Simon Broome diagnostic criteria.

For an absolute CHD risk calculation, refer to the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease at (DoH, March 2000).

Additional information on cholesterol and its clinical use can be found here: cholesterol.


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