Cyclosporin A
Investigation : Cyclosporin A
Specimen type : Whole Blood
Spec container : EDTA 
Volume required : 4 ml
Reference range : see table
Turnaround : <72 hours

Cyclosporin A Monotherapy - Theraputic guide values (ug/L) CYA
  CyA MS
Renal Transplant (RT) post transplant150 - 275
stable graft conditions100 - 200
Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)200 - 300
Auto Immuno Diseases 100 - 150
Toxic Concentrations>350

CyA MS -measurement of parent cyclosporin only

  1. All values refer to pre-dose (trough)
  2. Blood taken 2hr post dose, values may increase up to >800ug/L and >1000ug/L may indicate toxicity
  3. In dual therapy in RT, trough concentrations can be approaxiamately 30-50% lower
  4. Rising plasma creatinine values may indicate cyclosporin nephrotoxity
  5. Auto immune diseases may include Psoriasis, DM, Behcets Rheumatoid and Crohn's disease etc
  6. Note: Cyclosporin administration for auto immune diseases commence on low doses and increase depending on the clinical response.

See TDM information.

Additional information on Cyclosporin Aand its clinical use can be found here: Cyclosporin A.

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