Tacrolimus \ FK506
Investigation : Tacrolimus \ FK506
Specimen type : Whole Blood
Spec container : EDTA 
Volume required : 4 ml
Turnaround : <72 hours
Tacrolimus Theraputic Range (ug/L)
Renal Transplant10 - 12 (ug/L)
Renal Transplant (>6 months post transplantation)8 - 10 (ug/L)
Auto-immune Diseases5 - 15 (ug/L)
Values refer to pre-dose (trough) sampling
Please note levels may vary depending on the induction agents used

Additional information on Tacrolimus \ FK506 and its clinical use can be found here: Tacrolimus \ FK506.

Information on safe prescribing of tacrolimus can be found here


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