Investigation : FSH
MALE Ref range : 1.5 - 12.4
FEMALE Ref range : 1.7 - 21.5
Turnaround : <48 hours

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In accordance with NICE guidance issued in November 2015 (NG23), FSH testing in women > 45 years of age is discouraged in favour of a symptomatic approach to the diagnosis of perimenopause and menopause.

Please consider FSH testing only:
1. In women aged 40-45 years of age with menopausal symptoms including cycle changes

2. In women <40 years of age in whom (premature) menopause is suspected on the basis of menopausal symptoms infrequent or no periods. Increased FSH levels should be repeated after 4-6 weeks; this diagnosis should not be made on the basis of a single FSH result.

Please do not perform FSH testing:

1. In women >45 years of age, irrespective of symptoms.

2. Also in women who are using combined oestradiol/progestogen contraception or high dose progesterone as this makes interpretation of results very challenging.

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Additional information on FSH and its clinical use can be found here: FSH.

New male/female FSH reference intervals 01/05/21, results unaffected.
FSH varies with menstruation: follicular 3.5-12.5, midcycle 4.7-21.5, luteal 1.7-7.7, post-menopausal 25.8-134.8 (U/L)


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