Group & Save/Cross Match
(Blood Transfusion)
Investigation : Group & Save/Cross Match
Specimen type : EDTA
Spec container : BT tube 
Reference range : Null
Turnaround : As required
To be done on one 7.5ml EDTA sample (special Blood Transfusion tube).

Care must be taken not to cause haemolysis during the phlebotomy as this may result in the sample being unsuitable for use.

The request card must be fully completed including the clinical diagnosis and reason for transfusion and special requirements. It is also important to include the transfusion history. Failure to give this information will result in the sample being valid for 72 hours only. Supplying the information ‘not known’ or ‘unknown’ will result in the sample being valid for only 72 hours.

If the patient has not been transfused and/or pregnant within the previous 3 months and this information documented on the request form then this sample will be valid for 168 hours (1 week).

Patient case numbers should be prefixed with RQ6 (for RLUH) CT (for LHCH) or W (for LWH). Failure to add this prefix will lead to sample rejection.

Failure to supply information of previous transfusion reactions may compromise the delivery of safe blood components.


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