Ophthalmic Pathology Service

Ophthalmic Pathology is a nationally commissioned highly specialised service and forms part of the “National Specialist Ophthalmic Pathology Service” (NSOPS). It provides a diagnostic, molecular diagnostic and prognostic service to the nationally commissioned trust-based Ocular Oncology service and to St Pauls’ Eye Hospital, as well as to other clinicians and pathologists throughout the UK, Europe, and elsewhere.

The service is happy to accept any appropriate ophthalmic specimens.

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Contacts: Mr Simon Biddolph
Consultant BMS
Tel: 0151 706 4509
Email: Simon.Biddolph@rlbuht.nhs.uk

Anna Ikin
Opthalmology Team Lead
Tel: 0151 706 4509
Email: anna.ikin@rlbuht.nhs.uk

Complaints Procedure

Complaints can either be made verbally or formally in writing. If you wish to raise a concern or complaint regarding the service, please contact the Ophthalmology laboratory manager Simon Biddolph via email simon.biddolph@LiverpoolFT.nhs.uk, Clinical Director Prof Holcombe chris.holcombe@LiverpoolFT.nhs.uk or alternatively Quality Practitioner Jane Harrison-Williams 0151 706 11093 or via email jane.harrison-williams@LiverpoolFT.nhs.uk

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