HLA-Specific Antibody Screening
(H & I)
Investigation : HLA-Specific Antibody Screening
Investigations HLA-Specific Antibody Screening
Inform lab before sending Not usually required, for renal transplant patients the users are reminded to send samples on a 3-monthly basis. For urgent renal patient samples please contact the Consultant Clinical Scientist in the first instance.
Stem cell transplant patients requiring antibody screening, the H&I laboratory will contact the stem cell transplant department to request a sample for analysis
Specimen type Patient:
  • 10ml clotted blood
  • Ideal time to take specimen Samples are routinely screened for renal patients on a 3 monthly basis with testing taking place in January, April, July, and October.
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    How to take the specimen no preservative
    Transport to the laboratory  
    Test Times Renal patient samples are required on a three monthly basis to keep an up to date immunological history for each patient.
    Turnround 4 weeks
    Additional information Patients who test positive for HLA antibodies on this initial screening test will be sent for further antibody characterisation testing in accordance with the H&I renal transplant policy. The assay uses panels of HLA antigen coated beads coupled to microspheres and analysed using the Luminex platform.
    Additional Examination Requests A primary sample must be received for this test


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