Lymphocyte Subset Quantitation
Investigation : Lymphocyte Subset Quantitation
Spec container : EDTA 
Volume required : 3ml
Reference range : see table
Turnaround : 3 days

Methodology: Flow cytometry

Reference Range (N.B. applies to adults only)Units
CD3 - Total T0.60 - 3.00x109/l
CD4 - T Helper0.43 - 1.82
CD8 - T Cytotoxic/Suppressor0.25 - 1.20
CD19 - Total B0.12 - 0.67
CD560.09 - 0.60


  1. Any patient suspected of having a non-HIV related cellular immunodeficiency should be discussed with the immunology medical staff.
  2. The CD4 count may be used to monitor immune function in patients known to be infected with HIV. However, it does not have a role in the diagnosis of HIV infection and should never be used as a substitute for specific viral studies.

The specimen must not be refrigerated, it should be stored at room temperature and delivered to the laboratory within 24hrs of collection.

Samples must arrive in the lab by 3pm on Fridays, as this test is not available at weekends and samples need to be processed within 24 hours of collection.


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