Pan Bacterial (16S rRNA gene) PCR and Identification
Investigations Pan Bacterial (16S rRNA gene) PCR and identification
Detection and sequence of the bacterial ribosomal RNA gene (16S) is useful to identify organisms from sites that are normally sterile.

Molecular Tests
Inform lab before sending Yes. Please contact the Medical Microbiology consultants (ext 4425) to discuss testing.
Specimen type Sterile site fluid: Collect >0.2ml in a sterile container.
Tissue: Collect in a sterile container.
Ideal time to take specimen  
Labelling requirements click here
How to take the specimen Take care not to contaminate the specimen with extraneous bacterial DNA. Please contact the laboratory for advice.
Transport to the laboratory If transport is delayed then store at +4°C
Test Times Weekly
Turnround 7 workings days
Additional information  
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