Protein / Creatinine Ratio (PCR)
Investigation : Protein / Creatinine Ratio (PCR)
Specimen type : Urine (random)
Spec container : Universal Container 
Volume required : 10 ml
Reference range : ≤150
Turnaround : <72 hours
Albumin:Creatinine (ACR) measurement is the recommended first line test for proteinuria detection (NICE 2008).

(See Albumin:Creatinine ratio)

Urinary ACR has greater sensitivity for detecting low levels of proteinuria.

In people with established disease PCR may be used instead of ACR to quantify and monitor significant levels of proteinuria.

Additional information on urine Protein/Creatinine ratio and its clinical use can be found here: urine Protein/Creatinine ratio.

New protein/creatinine ratio reference interval 01/05/21, results unaffected.


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