Investigation : Renin
Specimen type : Plasma
Spec container : EDTA 
Volume required : 4 ml
Turnaround : <14 days
Renin samples must be transported to the laboratory immediately. Outside laboratories sending samples to RLBUHT for analysis, must send the separated plasma sample frozen. Samples which thaw in transit cannot be analysed.

We now measure direct renin so please note new reference ranges and measuring units (from March 2016). The new method is not comparable or interchangeable with renin activity.

Table 1: Reference ranges for renin using renin activity vs. direct renin

Renin activity (ng/mL/hr)Direct renin (mIU/L)
Supine : 0.2 - 2.84.2 - 60
Upright : 1.5 - 5.75.3 - 99

Please see link for guidance on the management of Primary Aldosteronism.

Additional information on Renin and its clinical use can be found here: Renin.

Factors that affect Aldosterone and Renin concentrations can be found here

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