Request Forms & Specimens          Use the correct Departmental request form:-
Clinical Biochemistry - general
- dynamic function tests
- green
- lime green
     The Trust specifies a minimum amount of data on request forms and specimens which is required before requests\specimens can be accepted for analysis.

Requests and specimens not meeting these requirements WILL be discarded.

For details of the minimum data requirements click here .

All sections of the request form should be completed. Properly completed request forms are essential for the performance of all laboratory tests to the benefit of the patient and the satisfaction of the requesting physician.

Haematology - general
- blood transfusion
- coagulation
- pink/red
- red special form
- orange
Immunology - black
Bacteriology - screening non-urogenital
- diagnostic non-urogenital
- urogenital diagnostic & screening
- royal blue
- turquoise
- navy blue
Virology - blue
Histology - A4 form
Cytology - black
Cytology - HMR 101

Where appropriate, use the tick boxes provided, otherwise specify the test(s) required legibly.

Each request accepted by Liverpool Clinical Laboratories for investigation will be considered an agreement to undertake the relevant analysis.