Sellotape Smear/Perianal swab
Investigations Microscopic examination for Enterobious vermicularis ova

Enterobius vermicularis (thread or pin worm) is an intestinal parasite which causes perianal and perineal pruritis mainly in children. It has worldwide distribution. The female of the species deposits the ova on the skin in the anal area of the infected person during the night from where the ova may be collected.
Inform lab before sending No
Specimen type PERIANAL SWAB (Preferred) or SELLOTAPE SLIDE
Ideal time to take specimen Early morning, as during the night is when the ova are deposited
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How to take the specimen PERIANAL SWAB (Preferred)
  • Swab the perianal area, swab should be broken off into a container without transport medium, eg.a bijoux or universal bottle.

    A piece of clear sellotape that has been placed around the area of the anus on the skin. Place sellotape so that it sticks flatly to a clean glass microscope slide and place in a slide box for transport.
  • Transport to the laboratory As soon as possible. If transport is delayed then refrigerate. Delays of over 48hrs are undesirable
    Test Times Monday to Friday
    Turnround 24 hours-excluding weekends
    Additional information It is important to provide full clinical details
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