Validity of Results

Results are autoauthorised if they are within preset ranges and have no instrument flags. Ranges have been discussed and approved by senior scientists and consultant staff. Results outside these ranges are scrutinised by qualified staff and authorised by the duty Scientist/Medic or Consultant. Comments may be appended and additional analyses undertaken based on the clinical details provided and on previous results.

Whilst internal and external quality assurance programmes are in operation to ensure accuracy and precision of results, occasionally random errors may occur and escape detection. The clinician is often best placed to detect such errors. Therefore if you doubt the validity of a result, it is vital that you contact the relevant 'Advice/Interpretation' extension at once so that we can investigate and re-test samples whenever possible.

Please remember that certain factors may affect and possibly invalidate some test results, causing potential biological and analytical interference. For example, blood transfusion and other intravenous fluids, antibiotics, anticoagulants, drugs, timing of specimen in relation to drug dose, type of tube. Please remember to give details of recent or current treatment on the request forms.

PLEASE NOTE: The H&I laboratory does not release any results without prior authorisation from the Consultant Clinical Scientist or designated scientific staff.