SickleSCAN (Haemoglobin S Screen)
Investigation : SickleSCAN (Haemoglobin S Screen)
Specimen type : EDTA
Spec container : 4ml EDTA (LAVENDER) 
Volume required : 4 ml
Turnaround Time: Urgent <2 hours (Only to be requested in urgent circumstances - Non- urgent requests will be sent for HPLC during routine laboratory hours)

An initial positive result when performing the Sickle SCAN would demonstrate the presence of HbS. The presence of HbS is due to genetic mutation; as such the biological reference interval here is negative. A negative result (following confirmation by HPLC) would indicate the absence of Haemoglobin S and the associated genetic abnormality.

Lifelong disorder labelling requirements apply to this test. Reported as Present or Absent Can be requested on same sample as FBC


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