Investigations Enteroviruses
These viruses are often associated with fever and rash during childhood, and are also a common cause of aseptic meningitis.

Molecular Tests
Enterovirus & Parechovirus PCR
Inform lab before sending No
Specimen type Faeces: Collect at least a pea sized amount into a stool container.
Swabs: Use the Sigma-Virocult swab (GREEN CAPPED) or REMEL swab (RED CAPPED) collection kits.
CSF: Collect at least 0.2ml using the CSF sample collection kit if available. A sterile container is a suitable alternative.
Tissue: Collected in a sterile leak-proof container.
Ideal time to take specimen  
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How to take the specimen For investigation of vesicular skin lesions, rub the top off a vesicle with a sterile swab to absorb the vesicle fluid. If necessary, burst the vesicle with a sterile needle and absorb the vesicle fluid with the swab
Transport to the laboratory If transport is delayed then store at +4°C
Test Times Daily
Turnround 2 working days
Additional information Bacterial Transport Media (blue swabs), cannot be processed by molecular diagnositc methods.
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