1. Microscopy and Culture sent to the Bacteriology Laboratory - successful isolation is crucially dependent upon sampling appropriate clinical sites and forwarding the sample in bacterial transport medium so as to reach the laboratory with the minimum of delay. This is best achieved by referring the patient to the genito-urinary clinic, where the patient may also be more extensively screened for other sexually transmitted pathogens. NB. Vaginal swabs are NOT appropriate for culturing gonorrhoea and except in special cases (such as sexual abuse of children) the laboratory does not look for the gonococcus in these samples.
  2. Gonorrhoea TMA is also available.

Investigations Gonorrhoea (NG)
Similar to C. trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a common sexually transmitted disease and is associated with pelvic inflammatory disease, epididymitis, and infections of the eye

Molecular Tests
Inform lab before sending No
Specimen type First void urine: Collected using the Cobas Urine Collection Kit or in a suitable sterile container.
Swabs: Collected using the Cobas Swab Collection Kits.
First void urine is the recommended specimen for males.
Vulvovaginal swab is the recommended specimen for females.
Ideal time to take specimen  
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How to take the specimen  
Transport to the laboratory If transport is delayed then store at +4°C
Test Times Daily
Turnround 5 working days
Additional information Note this is a dual target assay and all samples will be tested for C. trachomatis AND N. gonorrhoeae, unless specified by the requestor.
A secondary test to confirm positive results is no longer routinely performed. Please contact the laboratory if this is required.
Bacterial Transport Media (blue swabs), cannot be processed by molecular diagnostic methods.
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