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Blood Sciences
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Associate Medical Director LCL
Chief Operating Officer LCL
Dr James Anson, Tel: 0151 706 4423Alyson Constantine, Tel: 0151 706 5385

Laboratory Results
The primary way of communicating laboratory results to local GP Practices is electronically. Authorised results are transmitted throughout the day which enables quick and efficient communication of results. A large proportion of Practices have opted out of receiving paper copies and we would encourage others to do so. If your Practice no longer wishes to receive paper copies of results please contact for guidance. You can also view your patient's results via ICE if they have had tests carried out via a RLBUHT in-patient or out-patient episode.

In the event that results are not available electronically, you can contact the LCL Customer Care Team on 0151 706 5888. The LCL Customer Care Team is operational between the hours of 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9:00am - 12:00 noon. Should you require results outside of these times, telephone 0151 706 2000 (hospital switchboard) and ask for the laboratory required. However, if you wish to make direct contact with the Laboratories please refer to the relevant contact page in the Laboratory Handbook.

Urgent specimens
When sending specimens for genuine urgent testing indicate on the request form which specific test(s) are required urgently. For Blood Sciences, urgent is defined as those tests which require analysis within one hour of receipt in the lab.

Use of Ice
For support follow this flowchart.

GP Telephone Enquiry Results Sheet
For a copy of the "GP Telephone Enquiry Results Sheet" click here.

Laboratory Supplies and Request Forms
Orders for laboratory supplies and request forms should be made by emailing the laboratory supplies order form here to . Telephoned orders will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. If you experience problems in emailing your order, please contact Blood Sciences Administrator on 0151 706 4163, Specimen Reception Supervisor on 0151 706 5462 or the Results/Enquiry Line on 0151 706 5888. Laboratory consumables are usually delivered to Practices within 7 days after receipt of emailed order.

Community Phlebotomy Services (blood tests)
Please click on the relevant link for information regarding Community Clinic opening times for blood tests.
           Patients registered with a Liverpool GP
           Patients registered with a Knowsley GP

Courier Service
If you have any issues or queries relating to the Courier Service please contact the Specimen Reception Supervisor on 0151 706 5462 or Blood Sciences Administrator on 0151 706 4163.

Lab Links
For problems with lab links please contact the LCL IT Team on